Boarding & Services

Each cat is allocated its own space, relevant to age, agility, personality and medical needs. On arrival, the cat is introduced to its new “home” and monitored whilst it settles in. When your cat is ready, it will be released to go and play with the other cats in the outside areas and come and go as it pleases.

This first time out is monitored closely to ensure the socialization process is successful and to ensure your cat knows how to find its way ‘home’ again.

The daily routine:

Cats are given their breakfast, a morning cuddle and the doors are open for them to be out and about for the day from approximately 7.30 am.

During the day, they are free to watch TV, enjoy a cuddle and chit chat at morning tea or chillax in a favourite hammock.  Alternatively, they can play with the toys out the back,  play in the tunnels, chase each other’s tails, explore the cat runs amongst the trees or chicken and bird watch from the bridge railing and other vantage points. They can also rest inside in or on the scratch posts, play with the catnip toys or just stay in bed. It’s their choice.

From about 4 pm they are called in again, given their dinner and a goodnight pat and closed in for the night. Lights are out by 6 pm with music playing softly in the background overnight.


DRY Food: Cats are given a mix of premium  biscuits including Vet Essentials, Hairball Control, and Fish or Chicken flavoured kibbles.  We provide kitten, adult and senior mixes and premium options for cats requiring sensitive or oral care kibbles.

WET Food: We stock a good range of the popular brands of tinned cat food.

  • Non standard food (including fresh meat) should be provided by the owner, or the difference in cost covered by the owner. Prescription diet foods should be provided by the owner.
  • Medication will be given, and depending on the ease of application or treatment, a surcharge may be applicable.
  • We spend time with the cats to ensure they settle in and feel loved while in residence, and we offer some grooming – being mindful of safety for all.


Double pens (170cm wide x 80cm deep x 70 cm high) one or two cats

Single pens (90cm wide x 80cm deep x 70 cm high) one cat only.

  • Sanitized bedding is provided, and cleaned regularly, but if preferred owners can provide the cat’s own bedding (depending on size). You are also welcome to bring in a small favourite toy, blanket or comfort from home to help your cat settle.
  • Each cat has an individual sanitised litter tray in their pen as well as access to communal litter trays inside and in the outdoor play area. The cattery predominantly uses eucalyptus eco-friendly compressed wood pellet litter.
  • Classical music is played 24 hours/day to soothe the cats, and Feliway is used to calm and relax them. Catnip and cat grass is available in the outdoor play area.
  • The facility has heating and cooling inside, and shelter and shade in the outside secure play areas.

Requirements for Boarding

To protect your cat from exposure to germs, viruses, fleas and worms the following are required prior to boarding. Please read our full list of requirements here.