Cat-A-Tonic Boarding Cattery

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Unfortunately, we’ve had to make the hard decision to close Cat-A-Tonic until December 2022.  As such, we are not accepting bookings.

We believe there is no other option as we simply cannot close for three days to deep clean if there is a Covid case here because we do not want to expose guests to deep clean chemicals.  Also, if staff and myself are isolating, there is no ability to have guests cared for at all, let alone with the loving care and infection control processes we have in place for their happiness and safety.  Added to this, the property next door is being prepared for demolition then rebuilding.

At this stage we will be closed through to December as we do not want to expose guests to the anxieties of a building site – it’s contra to the five freedoms that underpin everything we do, and besides, they’re here for a holiday.  Also, when we are able to re-open, we need it to be permanently.  We ran at a loss for a few months last year in an attempt to stay open and now have just enough in reserve to re-open once.  We will post updates – including information on the publishing of the book about Cat-A-Tonic to our face book page.

Thank you for your understanding.

The cattery is located in the inner suburbs of Adelaide, in a residential setting with the owners living on site. It has air-conditioning and heating, individual pens and a large communal outside play area that is completely enclosed and secure.

There is plenty to stimulate cats, with toys, scratching poles, climbing steps, walkways, outside bedding and hammocks provided, all with protection from weather extremes.

Cat-A-Tonic Boarding offers secure tunnels through the garden, segregated areas and private balconies in some pens. We also feature a TV Room and an inclusive morning tea area for the cats to come and enjoy a pat and chat.

Feel free to check out our Image Gallery, and if you would like more information please Contact Us.