Cat-A-Tonic Boarding Cattery

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Cat-A-Tonic is fully booked for Christmas/New Year 2023/24 from the 22nd Dec – 2nd January.  Our first new year vacancy is from the 3rd January.

The good news is that the building work next door has been completed and we will remain open apart from annual leave and preparation of the cattery for Christmas.  We will be closed from Thursday afternoon 16th November re-opening Friday morning 15th December and from Friday afternoon 2nd February to re-open Tuesday morning 13th February to clean and re-sterilize after the busy period.  These closure dates have traditionally been extremely quiet, so we hope are not too much of an inconvenience to anyone. 

The cattery is located in the inner suburbs of Adelaide, in a residential setting with the owners living on site. It has air-conditioning and heating, individual pens and a large communal outside play area that is completely enclosed and secure.

There is plenty to stimulate cats, with toys, scratching poles, climbing steps, walkways, outside bedding and hammocks provided, all with protection from weather extremes.

Cat-A-Tonic Boarding offers secure tunnels through the garden, segregated areas and private balconies in some pens. We also feature a TV Room and an inclusive morning tea area for the cats to come and enjoy a pat and chat.

Feel free to check out our Image Gallery, and if you would like more information please Contact Us.